Windows: engraving graphics printing problems according to marz-2021 updates

Windows: Engraving graphics printing problems according to Marz-2021 updates

On systems with installed Windows 10 updates of 9. and 15. Marz 2021 can come to further printing problems. This is known to Microsoft on its status website. There are table lines of missing or alignment or formatting problems. Furthermore, elements of a document may be printed or absent completely as monochrome boxes. It may also be that barcodes, QR codes and graphic elements such as logos are missing in the term or discharged empty labels on label printers.

This does not only affect Windows 10 and server counterparts, but all versions back to 7/8.1. Microsoft examines this error according to own information and in the future, in the future, wants to reduce a correction – Auber for Windows 7, which no longer receives updates and from its use.

So far, it had looked like the security updates of the 9. Marz 2021 only on specific Windows 10 systems Bluescreens caused. This problem had Microsoft with a special update to 15. Marz 2021 corrected. Windows users still had bluescreens. Software developer reported that the bitmap functions with 1-bit bit depth have no longer function since the Marz 2021 updates. Software that works with 8-bit bit depth does not seem to be affected.

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The expression from Microsoft Office of documents with tables or graphics can fail. For example, the DATEV affects many clients of these printing problems. Some companies have to take a complete fleet of Windows clients to the update status of February 2021, because otherwise their users can no longer work with Microsoft Office. This concerns all versions of Microsoft Office 365 and also Microsoft Office 2010 to 2019.

Because Dymo-LabelWriter printed only empty labels and the shipped of goods came, a company switched to a Linux print server. In medical practices, in the expression of documents, the stamp embedded as a graphic, fax servers can not make fax prints more, as these are processed and printed as TIFF graphics.

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