Who follows piech 2018 on the supervisory board of porsche se?

Suddenly sab he there. For a good two years, the Ferdinand Piech Ferdinand Piech had avoided – since he had thrown the chunks in the spring of 2015 as Volkswagen Supervisory Board. On Tuesday, the 80-year-old was a gross audience for the first time. In its function as the Supervisory Board of the VW Dachgesellschaft Porsche Se, he took place in the second row of podium in the Porsche Arena. Before the start of the speeches he talked to his neighbors, even laughed shortly, but mostly his expression was rigidly. He acted Mude and aged. Silently he hoard the speaker later.

It was allowed to have been Piech’s last appearance in official function on the motorhome. Although his re-election as a supervisory board was on the program, which is a formality in the family business. But the end is foreseeable. For the Fruhere Autopatriarch has broken down almost his complete share of 14.7 percent of the ordinary shares of Porsche SE to his relationship – and thus also his influence on Volkswagen abandoned. The financial holding stop 52.2 percent of the voting rights at Volkswagen. Piech will only stay in office for so long until the business is completed.

So that the shareholder is valid, have to agree to agree with multiple states – that could take until the beginning of 2018. If the resistors give grunes light, piech should settle his mandate. The mandate as Porsche inspector has since 1981.

How did it happen?? For decades, Piech was the determining figure of the AutoClan Porsche / Piech, so the descent of the engineer and company primer Ferdinand Porsche. In 2015, the family knaten – Piech greatly began critically critical about the then VW Group Boss Martin Winterkorn, his relatives did not give him a jerk cover. Piech ranked. His Arger became so rough that he wanted to leave the family business – so he offered his family in 2017 his share package with a boral value of more than 1.1 billion euros.

The family handle. To whom exactly the Piech shares ultimately go, is unclear. This is important insofar as the family stems Porsche and Piech in the past sometimes stood in a certain excavation. Ferdinand Piech sold his shares to his brother Hans Michel, but he was enough for a part of the Porsche branch of the family. Of course, only that the Piech tribe in the powered AutoClan also keeps more than 25 percent on the PSE and thus has the blocking minority. The balance between the family branches Porsche and Piech, the speaker of both families, Wolfgang Porsche, assisted, should be preserved.

At the latest 2018 Ferdinand Piech makes a supervisory board free for a younger relative. This gains the 4. Generation in the AutoClan becoming important, ie the great-granddaughter of the company primary.

The third generation at the Porsche / Piech – so the grandchildren of Ferdinand Porsche – obeded six family members, including Ferdinand Piech, his brother Hans Michel and their cousin Wolfgang Porsche, the joint spokesman for the Porsche / Piech. Pay for fourth generation 34 relatives. Not yet foreseeable here, who is thinking more strongly in focus. But it is obvious that it will be descending, which are already in the obligation anyway and already have the supervisory board at Volkswagen or the Group brands.

Because goods for example Ferdinand Oliver Porsche, born 1961, nephew of Wolfgang Porsche. Anyway, the lawyer already sits in the supervisory rates of the PSE, VW and Audi – with it in the 4. Generation most influence. Also the son of family spokesman Wolfgang Porsche, Christian Porsche, born in 1974 was able to play a big role in the future. The physician with practice in Salzburg is already sitting on the Supervisory Board of the VW Load Daughter Man and Scania. Peter Daniell Porsche, another nephew of Wolfgang, has a holding holding company with publishers and small industrial companies – he is in the control panel of the Group brand Skoda.

Add to that other candidates: about Julia Kuhn-Piech, born 1981, daughter of Hans Michel Piech – she is at the Supervisory Board at Man and Audi. The Louise Kiesling born in 1957 is sitting in the VW Supervisory Board. Actually, she belongs to the Piech branch, but she brought her shares into a foundation on the Porsche page. Thus, sachling has changed the family-internal digging years ago.

He was once so deep that the family branches had to fall a hard decision in 1971: they agreed that no relatives more, so neither a Porsche nor a piech, surgical that was allowed to say at the sports car brand Porsche. Also Ferdinand Piech had to go then – and made a camp career at Audi and Volkswagen. His re-election as a Porsche Supervisory Board on Tuesday was able to invite the last chapter in which attracts to one of the family branches still plays a rough role. After that, more young descendants will take over the scepter, for which the question of the branch Porsche or Piech no longer plays a role. One is safe for AutoFachmann Bratzel: "Such a strong influence on the car industry as Ferdinand Piech becomes no one of the young family gambling."

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