When will top politicians become learning?

When will top politicians become learning?

Angela Merkel had still recurred the maturities for German atomic power plants in the fall of 2010. Then happened in Marz 2011 Fukushima and Merkel organized the nuclear phase-out. Also with jerking on the electoral will

Because a few days after Fukushima, the conservative Baden-Wurttemberger in the Fruheren CDU-Hochburg elected a green ministerial prospective. Through prere of the atomic lobby, Fruhere CDU and CSU governments at Wackersdorf, Wyhl or Gorben have gone to their knees. But in the long run, the nuclear energy was not to be kept against the will of the majority.

What does politics learn today?

The SPD as an old coal party, but also the NRW government from CDU and FDP, behave exactly as soon as possible the Union as an old Atompartei, short-sighted and stupid. The SPD chairman Andrea Nahles has just criticized the Great Dafur that they are with their "Radical environmental policy" demand the rapid coal outward. Stummer is never.

Because this "radical" Demand raises the majority of the elections. This is called climate protection policy. Germany is still world champion in the brown coal flow. And lignite is the bigger climate killer. Obviously, the SPD chairman has not yet understood after this heat summer, which means climate change for today’s humanity and especially for our children and grandchildren. Such politicians really only help through deselection.

The Dinosaur Politics of Andrea Nahles

90% of Germans want the rapid energy transition and 70% the rapid coal outward. Mrs. Nahles drives its own party to the 5% limit with her dinosaur coal policy. Volkspartei can never become the SPD with this chairman. Themselves to blame. Such a party passed by the electoral will have her future behind him. Nothing learns from the previous energy dessar (Chernobyl, Fukushima, Whyl, Wackersdorf, Gorleben) may not be surprised about the further descent of the 150-year-old SPD.

Environmental associations and grune have the majority of Germans behind during the long-term German coal outlet. But the SPD and parts of the CDU still go to the Kohlelobby in his knees. This creates politics against. Woman Nahles wants to save allegedly workplaces.

But what about the job record in the coal?

At the coal mining, 1955 were still 370.000 buddies created, 1975 still 110.000, 1995 still 50.000 and 2017 Still 1.700. With renewable energies today 330.000 people.

Renewable energy is not a job killer, but a job knuller

Andrea Nahles wants allegedly "Climate protection and workplaces" associate. However, the numbers show that the SPD chairman is already destroyed in the medium term, which she wants to save in the short term. There should be saved, which is no longer to save. And this development is also good, good for workplaces and the climate. The renewable energies are not a workplace killer, as the SPD chairman suspects, but D e r workplace leader. Representatives of a social party should actually understand this context.

Anyone who does not adopt the majority of the WAHLER, nor the environment or on future-proof jobs will be punished with elections. This is called Democracy, Mrs. Nahles. When will top politicians finally become learning?

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