When courtepports of the real estate bosses wagle with the basic law

When courtepports of the real estate bosses wagle with the Basic Law

Only bad losers? Demonstration for nationwide rent stop on Thursday evening in Berlin. Photo: telepolis / claw

Framing for rental lid verdict: Doofe, inexphy state government tries to protect tenants and deserves the swatter of the highest German court. She had to see it coming?

Populism against the simple population is sometimes not that easy. A rough boulevard newspaper whose target group is the simple people, can not easily easily admit that their lead days after the failure of the Berlin rental cover for the property block, which may now demand up payments. Above all, she can not in the middle of a serious economic crisis, in which many people have suffered income losses without anyone who can give them the guilt for themselves. She needs a different calculation, otherwise she could write right away: "Your poverty pisses us at us."

The framing in Berlin’s larger local newspaper could not be clearer: "Supreme Court Stops Rental Cover – Senate makes us fragment" Together the B.Z. from the house Springer this Friday. Tenor: Berlin "Red-red grune" Government had to know that they want to protect the ground of the Basic Law with the self-proof attempt to protect tenants and tenants.

the Nurberger news Blies in the same horn, after on Thursday of the Berlin rental cover in Karlsruhe for void was not explained: "There had been a lot of warning voices", wrote the leaf from the hometown of the Bavarian Minister President Markus Soder (CSU). "They all said: A city state like Berlin is simply not to move to the regulations of the Confederation with his state legislation. That’s exactly what the red-red-grune government had done the capital with your rental cover. And that’s why she was rightly a decent waters of the Federal Scarred Court."

What does the federal government have "rimmed"?

Apart from the HAME and clear positioning against the interests of income-weak people in this comment: had the Berlin Senate had to see it, because – as the Federal Scarf Court argues – the federal legislation already "rimmed" Has?

The speech is from the "Rental price brake" – a rather weak instrument, which was anchored in the nationwide-based legislation, but exemplary as a regulation making to the state governments. You can have it since "Specific areas with tense residential markets" Apply – or not even if you do not even show such areas. This is possible, for example, in areas where "Rents rising significantly stronger than in the nationwide average".

Although such areas have to be dismissed, as well as the Berlin Senate, but even in such stress areas, the "Rental price brake" Only with exceptions and takes only from ten percent above the local comparative rent in new leases.

The Federal Cancer Court has decided not to close closely on whether poor tenants can cope with an increase and whether fundamental rights such as human beings, physical integrity and inviolability of the apartment in an emergency are also compatible with homelessness. It has been discussed on the formal state of the federal legislation, which was factually pushed to the countries the Black Peter and thus created a patch carpet.

"You are not good losers"

"The commutations of the rental cover are Stinkesauer, good losers are not", wrote the B.Z. On Friday morning online and complained that, especially on Twitter, there are a lot of malicious comments – namely – namely "not against the red-red-green senate, but against the 284 deputies of CDU / CSU and FDP, which submit the standards control suit with the Federal Scarf Court".

Under the headline "Thanks for nothing! We have to pay now rent now" Quoted the B.Z. However, those who mostly do not love to recognize their statements that they were primarily angry at the Berlin Senate. A 24-year musician therefore paid only that she had hardly earned a bit deserved by the pandemic in 2020 and therefore could influence poorly for possible additional payments. Accordingly, she had also had difficulties to pay the high rent if she has become more fally. A peculiar student had resumed something, but it was rather spending on vacation than for rental payments.

The munching of the boulevard newspaper for low-income people, however, ends when it comes to the referendum of the initiative "German living CO. expropriate" goes – that’s then "The next attack on Berlin’s landlord".

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