What long drive finally needs courage

What long drive finally needs courage

Munchen, 25. October 2013 – Audis Last radical design idea was the first TT from 1998. He has emerged from a study whose forms had avoided with coarse courage because of their appeal in the openness barely passed into the series. But to "Ambassador of an audi-typical design language", Unfortunately, when he was praised at the time: the designer of the TT, Peter Schreyer, has left Audi, Audi has left the courage and the second TT generation has left the strict geometry of the sheets. She was sacrificed the familyahlichtung, the Audis products have been confused for years so consecutable. Now she is in front of the draw and a just photographed Erlzonig shows that Audi’s courage apparently does not yet return.

Beautiful changes

In his side view you have to look twice to distinguish the art Audi TT from the current model. Recognizable are a slightly angular grille in the style of the A3 and sharp drawn headlights. The jerk lights in turn remind in their optics at the R8.

A surprise is available in the interior of the TT-Erlkonigs. There you can see the cockpit of the current A3. That the next TT generation of cost-rounding the modular crossbody of A3 and CO. uses, is close. But a counter-the A3 barely changed dashboard? Maybe an indication that the new TT (of course not from name) to "A3 Coupe" is degraded to create space for a mid-motor sports car? Speaking of the engine: To be expected, gasolines are between 180 and 300 hp as well as the 150 hp 2.0 TDI. The TT is presented only in a tight year on the Paris Motor Show in September 2014.

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