What is in 2013 for motorists

What is in 2013 for motorists

Munchen, 28. December 2012 – New fuhrer’s certificates including mandated rules, more environmental zones, higher bubbanks and perhaps a reorganization of the Flensburg traffic women file – these are just a few of the changes that come to motorists in 2013.

Plastic fuser

From 19. January, there are new plastic cards as proof of the driving license. They are from then 15 years old. But that only applies to the document itself, as the TUV SUD confirmed. The driving license itself is still unlimited. After the deadline, only a new driver’s license must be ied. Health checks are not provided. Previous fuhrer’s certificates are continued until 2032 permanent.


Changes are also at the vehicle’s license for motorcycle. The most important innovations for bikers: the speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour for the 16 and 17 year old offspring (fuhrerseil class A1) is deleted without replacement; The performance limit of a maximum of 11 kW (15 hp) at 125 cubic centimeters is still valid. In this case, the ratio of power / weight of the highest of 0.1 kW / kg must not be exceeded. Make more power on the strain, on the other hand, motorcyclists from 18 years: instead of 25 then 35 kW (48 hp) in class A2 (performance / weight not more than 0.2 kW / kg).

For the class uprising applies: after two years including practical examination, he will be possible. Even when promotion to the unlimited class A, this is the necessary. Fuhrerschein newbillers inquire in addition to their driving school or the state-owned authority. If you are already owned by the driving license, you can enjoy the acquis control and may take at least all this, which has been covered by the authorization.

Knollchen should be more expensive

Especially in coarse dates, parking has become increasingly more expensive in recent years. Now the warning fees should also increase dramatically at false parks. For some trap is the 1. April planned a doubling. However, the increase must still take parliamentary Hurden.

Similarly, it looks with another plan of the Federal Minister of Transport. This might reform the Flensburg point system 2013. However, the last word has the Bundestag. There is not an appointment for a vote yet.

New environmental zones

Hardly a coal town still renounces the environmental zone. In 2013, new ones are added: For the Schwabische Ludwigsburg, another connection "Blocking area". Without plaque, 2013 does not roll more through Mainz and Wiesbaden. Cities in Baden-Wurttemberg also block all car owners in the new year, whose vehicle has no green plaque. According to TUV Sud, the number of environmental zones from currently 43 to 50, which of the city and communities with driving bans for yellow or red rises from 59 to 71. No problems with environmental zones have electric vehicles. Whoever has such a one or buys soon has advantages in tax. When purchasing until the end of 2015, there is an exemption from the car tax for ten years. The regulation applies in effect for all vehicles that since the 18. May 2011 were admitted. So far, the tax exemption lasted only five years. On the other hand, the demand of the refusal of particulate filters is sinking for diesel. In 2013 she only applies 260 instead of 330 euros.

More transparency, higher toll

The Bundeskartellamt wants to set up the market transparency agent adopted by the government in the new year. About an online platform, consumers should be informed about current fuel prices as ongoing. Some neighboring states of Germany envies the toll. This is attended by Austria, where the ten-day vignette rises by 30 cents to 8.30 euros. There are also high bubgelder in the discussion.

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