What is being played with the power wheel-in-time numbers?

What is being played with the power wheel-in-time numbers?

Koln, 9. August 2016 – Includes are important. Not only does it mean for the manufacturer’s money if you sell many copies of a particular model, they also show unique trends. What does the buyer currently want to have? The question is important for the manufacturers Immensen and forward-looking. Customers have been gripping in large quantities to travel enduros for several years, but ignore the athletes, which managed to offer that the manufacturers offer a lot of travel enduro models and leaving many sports machines leaking.

Of course, the business attention is paid to the bestsellers of competition and earned their own development departments to build something like that. In the case of the BMW R 1200 GS, almost all other brands have been trying for a long time to build up with a competition model at their sales figures, but no success. The Boxer Enduro remains a phanomena, for years she has boosted the bestseller list in Germany undisputed with huge lead. But even on the other twenty burst, astonishingly many BMW models, which sometimes are astonished in astonishment, because they are undoubtedly good motorcycle, but the competition also offers outstanding goods. But the cash pays of the Motor Trade Office (KBA) do not bring. or?

Many days

The problem is that most media pass the total sales of a model. They do not divide in the longness of natural and legal persons. Under a natural person, the lawsult understands the normal private person who buys a motorcycle in the store. A legal entity is a company. In addition to a legal entity, in almost everyone, means that the handler has allowed the motorcycle to his company. Why does he do this? Apart from the few preliminary models, which he allocates the long term to provide them with the customer for test drives, this happens in the overwalking majority by means of a so-called daily dental. The vehicle is only registered for a day and will be logged off directly again to offer the copy of guntiger.

The motorcycles are not a kilometer and still apply as used machines. So coarse price news can be maintained. The handler does not like something like that, but often enough for him to survive for him, because the manufacturers or importers dictate the brand lower length the number of models they have to lose weight.

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