What am i?

What am i?

Munchen, 11. February 2014 – Vespa had their overwhelming success, especially their maneuverability, to owe the low weight and low price. The ideal dangling for the city center. Many imitators, especially from the Far East, has since overwhelmed the marketed worldwide with small, two-stroke scooters. In some Asian countries, they are the main transport and transport tremendous loads and complete families including pets.

Nobody demanded Greberem, but in 1999, Suzuki came up with the idea to build a 400-four-stroke engine in a scooter – so far 250 cubic were already considered a top class. The "Burgman at 400", especially in Europe, quickly found many friends, but he produced 34 hp and thus caused a rapid rapidly unknown in this class to date. However, he also brought about 200 kg to the scales, which contradicted the basic idea of a light city vehicle. Nevertheless, the competition jumped on the train and was a wet trust. At BMW, the flow of flow is called C 650 GT. The "Maxi Scooter", as the manufacturer refers to it, is powered by a two-cylinder four-stroke engine with 647 cm3. The fully secure balancing liquid trumps in the brochure with 60 hp. Not so loud your weight is called: 261 kg. For a scooter!

Comfortable like a living room chair

The comfortable saddle reminiscent of the domestic living room chair. Well, the term comfort was always written in Munchen. In front of the driver, the windscreen protrudes in manframe format. It can even be moved even further upwards. The widely expanding panel acts as the goods they have been canceled from the tour model R 1200 RT and stop the wind completely away from the driver. The handlebar is optimally at hand, but it is incapacitated with not already already plastic, for that, the BMW logo in coarse format denounces on the steering head. The instruments could also be installed in one of the coarse motorcycles of Bayern, there is nothing wrong with. Somewhat irritating is the speedometer. No, not because he is badly readable, but because he can reach 180. In a scooter? We will see…

The C 650 GT leans lens on the side panel, which contains an integrated parking brake – ingenious. But to bother the heavyweight in the vertical, it needs a lot of muscle. Cast on the Maxi Scooter rather on the main part, which proves to be much easier undertaking, thanks to a well-balanced focus.

Quiet and essential

The two-cylinder engine between the tread boards runs pleasantly quiet and essentially, which fits the serious appearance of the Gran Tourismo-Roller. He has a centrifugal clutch and a stepless CVT belt drive, the pilot can concentrate entirely on driving. At the first meters, the C 650 GT is still a bit of behavior, he has to put almost seven Zentner in motion, including the driver. But first of all, the BMW scooter pulls through, he offers at least up to 66 nm torque.

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