Watercar python: amphibian car with corvette engine

Watercar python: amphibian car with corvette engine

Fountain Valley (California / USA), 30. October 2009 – His design is neither fish nor meat, reminiscent of his front but strongly on the grimly-looking Dodge Ram, while the tail is obvious from the Corvette. For this, the Python from Watercar can be glaming to be a real amphibious vehicle, which also lies to the countryside of some cars behind.

About 400 hp

In terms of propulsion, the Python is not animal of sadness both on the water and land: On asphalt, the car stretches in 4.5 seconds from 0 to 96 km / h (60 miles per hour). This makes this a Corvette Z06 engine with 437 hp. However, the customer can also election other Corvette motors. The chassis of Python consists of a stainless steel frame. Watercar promises to use only resistive materials that overhear the use in salted water. For the propulsion in the wet element ensures a beam drive of the type "Dominator Jet".

Expensive handmade

The treatments of the Python should be built so that you can easily hang off the water into the vehicle. The luxurious interior is naturally inspired by boatbuilding. However, every Python is built exclusively according to customer requirements – and the customer can pretty much. 60.000 Aubin colors, 4000 interior colors, the position of the shift lever and the type of seats are just a few examples. Accordingly, the pricing of the Python is: at 200.000 US dollar (currently almost 135.000 Euro) is going on. "The Python is nothing for weak nerves" Does it also be on the manufacturer’s homepage.

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