Water games: mazda shows the study kiyora

Water games: mazda shows the study kiyora

Leverkusen, 4. September 2008 – blow on shock: meanwhile, Mazda for studies is on the current band. As soon as the Kazamai has been entilled in Moscow, the Japanese show the concept vehicle Kiyora at the Paris Motor Show at the beginning of October 2008.

Learn Japanese with Mazda

With the Kiyora, the company from Hiroshima brings us another Japanese word. After the graceful river (Ryuga), the atmosphere (Taiki) and the dancing wind (Kazamai) now follows purity and cleanliness. The Kiyora is the first model from the Nagare design series, which has set itself the floe properties of the water on the topic. This is reflected in the design of the interior and some non-named details. There are not pictures from the interior yet, but the aubenhaut indeed reminds of a drop of water and should indicate well on good circuit characteristics, for which the word "windshirt" does not suitably fit this time.

Economical city ladder

Accurate details want to announce Mazda shortly before the fair. But so much is already certain: it should act at the Kiyora for an environmentally conscious city car for young, lifestyle-oriented coarse faders. For low consumption values, the technology should also ensure the technique of good aerodynamics. A four-cylinder benzine direct injector "The next generation" with start-stop system should provide for economical propulsion, that sounds pretty real. The eco-friendly city car gives a view of a possible small car, says Mazda. Technology and design of the Kiyora were thus able to find themselves in future models, where the Mazda 2 is too fresh in the market in order to be considered the removal candidate. That sounds more like a city car below the 2serk.

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