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Hamburger Data Protection Supervisor criticizes political security measures as serious interventions in personal rights

A slope to "Exercise security since the 11. September" certified these days of the Hamburg Data Protection Officer Hartmut Lubomierski the responsible politicians in country and federal government. He criticized u.a. The amendment to the Hamburg Police Law of the Interior Senator Udo Nagel (Partilos) as massive intervention in the privacy. Meanwhile, Hamburger SPD presented its own draft for a new police law, which the burgerhood has advised on Thursday. Whether the SPD paper is more promised to the data protection than the template of the interior sensor, is in question. The expansion of video monitoring, which was complained by Lubomierski, is the Kernstuck also the SPD template. The need for this maaking is undisputed between the two gross parties and Federal Interior Minister Otto Schily (SPD) sees this a central starting point in crime fighting.

Video cameras have become largely unnoticed to static companions in our everyday life. "This bus" or "This train is monitored video", Increased in large letters in almost every vehicle of the Hamburg public transport companies – and not only there, even in other bats, the public transport is strictly controlled. Each department store, including changing rooms, is monitored, as well as a video camera is attached to every bank machine. Also at public bursting video cameras are used.

Already in August 2004, the Hamburg CDU sat down, with a new police law "Mabstabe for the safety standards in Germany" put up. Indoor Senator Nail was commissioned to develop a lawnove that he presented in autumn 2004. There are z.B. Suspected independent controls that can be carried out everywhere, at any time and any person. In addition, a stay ban on certain places should be sent up to 12 months, one wants to import electric shock pistols for police imports and the duration of the police namely, the final rescue committee and the praventive telecommunications monitoring, the location of phones and the query and storage of traffic data regulations. Especially nail was the expansion of video monitoring of public bursting at heart.

In principle, the security-policy ideas of CDU and SPD are identical – not only in Hamburg: Ahnlich restrictive police laws are discussed. Although the Hamburg SPD criticized Nagels template and relyed its own design. It was presented in November 2004 of the public, but differs not particularly from Nagels proposal. The Social Democrats Pladding Z.B. for a somewhat short duration of the accommodation and the arrangement of grid search by judge instead of as before by the state-like interior sensor. Furthermore, the SPD stated "Worrying arms of arms in the city", Therefore, the police should search for the art at any control after weapons. In addition, the rights of the victims of domestic violence should be initiated. Z.B. Pugnen husband should be removed from the apartment and can be taken in a remediation trap in custody.

Data protection Lubomierski memorized, the planned tangled use of video cameras KONNE for monitoring the entire urban area. Thus, the individual right will be circumcised to public locations "unobserved and unaffected" move. The planned suspected personal checks could result in the fact that "anyone checked at any time and even forcibly brought to the police station" kink. Furthermore, he criticized the security measures concatenated by Schily to the 2006 World Cup. For a data exchange between police, penetration protection and the German Fubball Bund (DFB) he sees "No legal basis".

Lubomierski was astonished that the degradation of democratic fundamental rights "Without coarse public resistance" forve you. He reminded of the movement against the population in 1986. At that time, it even given Boykotte, while every application for unemployment benefit II in relation to the disclosure of personal data today "Worse than the then anonymised questionnaire".

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