War plane against iran

According to a report by Seymour Hersh, the Militarian termination of the Iranian nuclear program is one of the most urgent-political priorities of the Bush government

The US entertainment journalist Seymour Hersh continued its series of attack planes of the US government to Iran in a much-observed article in the New Yorker. Also with Hersh’s latest article, as has already been known from other sources, talk about the possible use of substrategy nuclear weapons. This was also confirmed by the Washington Post.

After the most famous enthusiast journalist of the USA, Seymour Hersh, already in January 2005 in the "new Yorker" had pointed to renowned war planes of the US against Iran (the last hurray…), Let his latest contribution, above all, take a current urgency. From the swelling rhetoric, from increasing media excitement, some US media already speak of one "countdown" Conversely, the question of the Iranian Nuclear Program is now paying for the most important non-political priorities of the Bush government. Despite the entire debacle in Iraq.

This urgency does not explain from the actual distance to the production of a possible first nuclear weapon. Here is John Negroponte, the Supreme Intelligence Chief of the United States, from a period between FUNF and ten years. After Hersh’s sources – he calls one "Government consultant with tight connections to the Pentagon" – First, Bush is convinced that Iran "bomb" In any case, if he is not stopped, and secondly, that he has to do something no prasident after him has ever done, namely "To save Iran".

In contrast to the less alarmistic analyzes of the IAEA or independent Think tanks, after which there is still time for a negotiation solution, the armachers in the area of Bush now seem to have supposed the Israeli position, according to which the technical option of uranium enrichment will be prevented. From the environment of Bush this has been formulated in the last two months similarly. Iran thirst does not have the possibility to master the technology of uranium enrichment.

At Hersh reads this: Iran Muses the possibility is denied, only a pilot enrichment to operate. Or: State Secretar Robert Joseph is quoted with the statement: "We can not allow that only a single centrifuge in Iran turns. Iran is a direct threat to the US national security and we will not tolerate this." This is now doctrine and more than just an attempt to force Iran with dramatic rhetoric to split. It adjusts the view, however, that it already has those hardliners who are looking for a military confrontation has been no longer just about the nuclear program, but also a general change of regime in Tehran.

Parallels to the Iraq war

How credible can be Hersh and his sources, inland probe when it comes to the military planning? Seymour Hersh is not the guy who somehow as a mouthpiece of a government, certainly not the Bush government. He has researched and calls for this report and calls what the US situation has reached the following sources: a Fruheren intelligence officer, a Fruheren defense expert, a supreme high-ranking staff of the Pentagon, a short-circuited high-ranking employees of the Bush government, as well "in office" Government advisor, a military planner, a senior diplomat, a Pentagon consultant, a member of the US Reprused Antenna House and an Israeli intelligence officer. After a lot of what Hersh writes is already known from other sources anyway, such as the planning for a nuclear weapon approach, one should consider his text rather as a confirmation of the worst launches of the planning of some hardliners in the US government because as a lush overtraction.

There are more the details, the subtext that gives to think, where parallel to the Iraq war. Secret Briefings for selected senators and MPs. A detail that, if it is true, militarically meaningless goods, but as a psychological sub-design could be understood. Hersh reports from flight manorers of consumed tactical fighters, which should have been simulated in reach of Iranian radars nuclear weapons abdomes. The spicy thing is that, after all known knowledge since 1994 there are no more air-classed nuclear weapons for tactical fighter aircraft gives more on American strangers.

Another remarkable detail is the role that A.Q. Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear weapon, to play or play at the Iranian nuclear program. He is sold every daily, centrifuges and centrifug parts, as well as a Chinese blueprint to the Iranian regime on their own profit and without a profitity of the Pakistani authorities. This is at least the giscing theory. A.Q. Khan is still valid in Pakistan as a national hero, stands under house arrest and US resists give him the turklinke in the hand. One of the sources of Hersh speaks that A.Q. khan "Sing like a canary bird", Another means, from his statements, a new and completely dramatic driving position reconstructs. This is not the IAEA, which has actually authorized the IAEA, which was not only allowed to clear the Iranian Nuclear Program, so far no times, a.Q. Khan to hear.

Power struggle inside the militar?

The fact that just now twenty days before the deadline of the UN Security Council against Iran, all enrichment experiments can be held, further details of nuclear operational planning to the public, could also mean that how Hersh claims numerous top militars significantly against one "Nuclear option" with an attack.

Hersh mentions mainly the bench boss and says, there were also some ready to kick back. However, the headquarters have at best advisory function here, as they will not occur in the command chain in an indeed attack. This extends from the woman’s house or from the Pentagon directly to the CENTCOM, the regional commander.

The non-refomputability and the "Parallel nuclear program"

An argument has been built up in recent months: the "Parallel nuclear program". This thought strand can also be found at Hershs sources and works like that: Even if Iran should fulfill all IAEA editions, but still continued to continue with his enrichment project, the country will gain technical ability to continue this in a secret parallel nuclear program.

Only there are no serious information to be mentioned today. Also from the IAEA, which has quite losing her reputation, nothing was found. So if there are air raids, so almost every form of audibility has been eliminated. Almost all experts agree that such a form of military intervention is awarded a military nuclear program of Iran, but could not stop.

Georg Schofbanker is political scientist and operates the Easter Rich Information Burno for Security Policy and Rusting Control in Linz.

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