Vw up!: premiere at the iaa 2011

Vw up!: premiere at the iaa 2011

Wolfsburg, 22. August 2011 – VW puts up on the IAA in September! the successor to this country little successful Fox before. The new small car should convince with a good room offer and favorable prices.

Place like in the polo

The up! is short with a long from 3.54 meters 43 centimeters than a polo. However, the small with the wheelbase with the polo is almost equal: the 2.42 meters just five centimeters less opposite the coarse polo. With regard to the interior, this should provide for coarse space ratios.

From the basic form of a box was the up! "outcast", Like VW Chief Designer Klaus Bischoff says. For a long time of 3.54 meters comes a width of 1.64 and a high of 1.48 meters. The front points none of the current VW models.

Dashboard in body color

The interior of the up! should rang for four people and 251 liters of pack. When the backrests of the rear seats are folded over, 951 liters should fit in the small cars. In addition, the Wolfsburg promise a freshly designed interior. So you can be painted parts of the valve board in body color – we already know this option already from the Beetle presented. VW offers for the up! In addition, a transport box system. There will be a "Kid Box" for toys, a "City Box" for little things and a "Travel Box" for coarse luggage pieces.

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