Vw supervisory board for potential bonus rejection

In the exhaust scandal at Volkswagen, the Lower Sachsian Minister of Economic Affairs Olaf read (SPD) in the face of a book money procedure because of unlawful profits brought a rejection of board bonuses into play. "No profit is not a profit and no profit can not pay any bonuses," said Volkswagen Supervisory Board read on Wednesday in Hanover after a meeting of Landtags races to the situation at Volkswagen. First, however, the investigation of the prosecutor Braunschweig had to be awaited. But it could be that must be prugal, which "Legal Jerse Handles" there are bonuses paid.

Also for the past year bonuses had been paid, although Volkswagen had to cope with a record loss. The million-heavy bonus payments to the board have long been controversial. The prosecutor Braunschweig had recently launched a bub money against Volkswagen. Included profits from the sale of around eleven million toroculated cars could be accessed. The investigation reveals the question of whether Volkswagen had less earned with a diesel exhaust gas purification corresponding to the regulations. Volkswagen had made billions before the exhaust scandal. The difference was able to collapse the determination for the investigation.

Lies said the state of Lower Saxony looks "with concern" on the book money procedure. The country has a coarse interest in that the future of the company is preserved. Lower Saxony is second degree VW shareholder. To a possible prere claim told, this was only for the board from his point of view only for bonuses. The SPD politician said, "If there were no profits, there can be no bonuses from the unpaid profits – but we are not at the place."Decisive whether it comes after the end of the book money for a" profit breaking ".

Falling in early falling of winning success. The Suddeutsche Zeitung had called the bribery affairs at Siemens and one as examples. The underlying paragraph 17 in the law of mandatory offenses is: "The money pit is intended to exceed the economic advantage that the tatter has pulled out of the misdemeanor."At VW, the Suddeutsche Zeitung called a conceivable sum of" a few hundred million euros ", which could contribute to VW in addition.

The autoconzern has hitherto been resumed equal to 16 billion euros for the follow-up costs of manipulations. In the US, where the scandal took its origin, the exhaust-affare Volkswagen is expected to cost up to 15 billion dollars (13.5 billion euros). At the end of June, the Group had agreed with agents and plaintiffs on a package, which provides the back purchase of affected cars, deficiencies and punishments. Lies said he hopes that the state US judge accepts the package at the end of July. Lies had informed the economic and budgetary committee of the Landtag over the situation at Volkswagen.

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