Vw shows new downsizing engines for polo and golf

Vw shows new downsizing engines for polo and golf

Vienna / Wolfsburg, 8. May 2009 – Volkswagen is a new round in the downsizing of otto and diesel engines. The 30. Viennese engine symposium used the Wolfsburgs to present two new aggregates, which are initially provided for Polo or golf.

New TSI engine

With a 105 hp TSI engine, the Wolfsburger completed its offer for the gasoline direct injections. The new one has only 1.2 liters of displacement. By supporting a turbocharger, its maximum torque of 175 Newton meters is already at 1500 revolutions. To a low consumption should also help optimize the friction performance and lightweight construction. So shows the 1.2 TSI an aluminum crankcase.

Diesel in three variants

Like the 1.2 TSI will also be the new 1.6-liter TDI in both the Gulf and the Polo. The self-tolerant, who fouls the exhaust standard Euro 5, is intended to form the basis for all future four-cylinder diesel engines from Volkswagen thanks to its modular design. There are currently three performance levels: During the edition with 75 hp remains reserved for the polo, the variants with 90 and 105 hp will be found both in Polo and in the Gulf. The sale of the new engines should start in 2009.

Down is still room

"The potential of internal combustion engines is not yet spotted", Earlier Dr. Jens Hadler, Head of Aggregate Development at Volkswagen Easy of the presentation. With the two new engines will "impressively shown", How Volkswagen reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption – "and the costs to be reasonable".

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