Vw locations need more municipal financial equalization

The exhaust scandal of the Volkswagen Group has a lane impact for Lower Saxony’s financial position. Inspiration, especially in the trade tax evaluation on the Volkswagen locations between Harz and Kuste, make the assignments from the municipal financial equalization. Its distribution deadline is fixed, but fluctuates between individual municipalities. And most of the VW locations now keep the hand.

Overall, the level of the youngest municipal financial equalization is 5 percent of the value of 2015, as the State Office for Statistics on Thursday announced. That’s due to the good economic situation. With a view to the most important economy VW, the leaf turns. Without the diesel crisis and breaking businessworthy hour the full horn of the so-called allocating mass even better. This picture was still clearer: because the calculation also saves the final quarter of 2015. Some VW locations even called houseblocks. Converted to the inhabitants Distributed Lower Saxony in Municipal Financial Compensation (KFA) Currently per Head 474 instead of previously 455 euros. According to the information, the assignments increased in total of almost 3.6 to a good 3.7 billion euros. The only donor remains Wolfsburg. The city with the VW headquarters must now also have massively springs.

The KFA fevers on the Basic Law and is a central lever in the aim of not entitled to high differences in livestains in the areas of land. The main reason for the youngest increase in Lower Saxony KFA on most VW locations is the sunken tax force. In addition to trade tax considered the KFA income and sales tax as well as property tax for agricultural flats and real estate.

Already in Marz, the state statisticians had informed that there were breeding in the VW locations in the trade tax: in Wolfsburg 80 percent minus, in Salzgitter 30 percent, in Osnabruck 22 percent, in Braunschweig 13 percent and in the port city of Emden 8 percent. The VW locations now show this picture in the KFA: at the factory in Emden, where the Passat is built, the assignment is almost supplier. In Salzgitter there was 86 percent increase, in Braunschweig and Osnabruck 26 percent. In Hannover, the assignment decreases about a fiveft. There are roughly like Continental and Talanx but also counterweights to VW.

The city of Wolfsburg only preserves almost 7 million euros financial equalization. In the period before (autumn 2014 to spring 2015) Wolfsburg still gave 32 million euros. The Wolfsburgs give only a good 50 euros per capita instead of the good 260 euros before. The importance of the Volkswagen Group for Lower Saxony is enormous: According to an analysis of the Landesbank Nordlb, Niedersachsen, last almost two-thirds of the total value chip of top 50 companies at VW were accounted for.

VW has sold eleven millions of diesel worldwide, in which software mimicities in the case of exhaust tests of the resistances. The result is the big crisis in the company’s history. Unlast, the bug of the Group has already arrived in the bags of the Burgers: So Brunswick wants to rise again from summer to kindergarten fees. Moreover for the weak budgetary situation, lower revenue from trade tax, which are essentially influencing the exhaust scandal.

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