Vw golf gti: acrapovic edition with 280 hp

Vw golf gti: acrapovic edition with 280 hp

Wessling, 20. May 2011 – The company Akrapovic is known as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for cars and two riders. But it is also possible to commission a complete vehicle tuning. For the VW Golf GTI is now a complete tuning package obvious. GTI "Agrapovic Edition" is 100 hp compared to the starting point and comes to 280 hp. The torque maximum is also significantly high with 360 instead of 280 nm.

Club sports chassis and ceramic brakes

Ceramic brakes of Mov’It should provide for a powerful delay. Furthermore, a club sports chassis of KW Automotive is brought in the tuned GTI. Since the malposition is adjusted in prere and tensile steps, the golf should not only be furried for the racetrackatz, but also for everyday life.

Lighter rims and turn-off ESP

Instead of the original rims, the "Akrapovic Edition" Pendants of ATS that helps reduce unsedged masses through their lower weight. Keep contact with the strain sports tire from Kumho. Anyone who does not want to be braked by the electronics on the racetrack may be pleased that in the tuned golf both the traction control and the ESP can be switched off completely on the center console.

Titan tailpipes and complete folding

For a striking outer, a foiling in matt silver metallic from CFC ensures. Another optical accent put the titanium tailpipes of the exhaust system, which fell blue under heat. The complete tuning package for the Golf GTI becomes for 15.751 euros offered. The base vehicle is available at VW from 27.275 euros.

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