Vw exhaust gas fraud: preliminary borrowing against duh

In the dispute over the effectiveness of the update for the diesel engines affected by exhaust gas fraud, Volkswagen has obtained an interim injunction against German environmental aid. The inflowing at the Dusseldorf Regional Court is directed against the environmental aid and its federal supplies Jurgen Resch, as the organization announced today. Volkswagen welcomed the decision: This will prohibit the organization and the federal supplier, "losing untrue claims on the effectiveness of the technical stiposcounts that Volkswagen offers customers with affected diesel engines."Resch expertise.

Previously, the environmental aid had again sued the Federal Office of Association for the exhaust gas fraud. The organization goes against a unlawful jerk arrangement of the authority from their point of view. Background are investigations of the exhaust gas behavior of Volkswagen diesel engines, which, according to environmental assistance, should continue to show nitrogen oxide emissions despite a software update.

"We believe that VW has shot an own goal," said Resch on the injunctions. There will be comparatively quickly a court date. The nitrogen oxide measured values of a VW Golf Variant previously and after the software update were not denied by the environmental assistance in strain quantities. With the fraction, the environmental aid should be prohibited to further ten statements on the effectiveness and legalism of the software update. She was not passed without a prior warning and without a mordial negotiation. For the case of the infringement, a fine of up to 250.000 EURO or properly threatened up to six months.

Volkswagen emphasized: "Velvet vehicles participating in the voluntary jerk call, the legal requirements of the European Union applicable to all automotive manufacturers in terms of exhaust emissions."This was confirmed by the Federal Corporation Office after extensive tests – involving external technical services. Volkswagen expertise, also decided against statements, is also decided against statements, "which are suitable for unsettling customers in relation to the effectiveness of the offered technical adhesives". Previous reflections of trade and customer are predominantly positive.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen is progressing in the surrounding of the manipulated diesel. So far, four million vehicles have been umened worldwide, said a Volkswagen spokesman. In Germany, there are more than 1.6 million cars of around 2.6 million diesel cars.

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