Vw et: electric postbus of tomorrow

Vw et: electric postbus of tomorrow

Wolfsburg, 21. November 2011 – From the cafer to the VW bus: Yellow cars with brabbing boxer engines formed about decades the ruckgrat of the fleet of the German Federal Post. The curious specimens pays the "fridolin" – a small box carriage based on the cafer. This "type 147" was built from 1964 to 1974 at Westfalia. Not quite so comfortable, the study displayed by VW now looks named "Et" It turns, but this electric box car also contributes human toe: The research vehicle is able to drive part autonomous. If the postman of the house to house, takes him, ET over the "Follow Me"-Function driverless behind. If the deliverer is at the other end of the strain, he can the car over the "Come to me"-Provide function.

Driving via drive stick

Of course, the car also has a classic driver’s seat, alternatively he can control himself from the passenger side equipped with a stool on a kind of joystick. Finally, the passenger side faces the sidewalk and thus the work area of the deliverer. On the right side of the vehicle, there is therefore a sliding in two stages sliding power, which allows quick access to the charge and at the same time allowed the purpose of the walkway side. This saves paths and benefits the driver’s safety that does not have to run on the strain to put on the tax.

Electric wheel hub motors

The fact that the electric motors are installed in the wheel hubs benefits the load volume. The study was designed specifically for courier deliveries, but according to VW other variants for other industrial uses are conceivable. The research vehicle should now complete a test program. Unlike the for the coming years, electric versions of Golf or UP will take a while until ET or further development is built in series.

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