Vw: criticism of departure of chief historians grieger

Historians have criticized VW because of an allegedly unfair dealings with his now excreted chief historian Manfred Grieger. "As scientists, we are worried about the case of the case of Grieger Emport and surprise," whip it in an explanation. "It raises the question of whether VW wants to return to the history policy of bygone days, which served one-sided of the glorification of their own story under exclusion of dark pages."The Group rejected the criticism as unfounded.

At the end of October 2016, the Group’s Chief Historian Manfred Grieger has left the company after almost 20 years of association. The exclusive is according to DPA information an internal dispute over voting specifications for Griegers work. The expert for forced labor in Nazi Germany had criticized a study on the Nazi among the Group brand Audi as a critical and indulgent criticized. At the end of October, Grieger has left a VW speaker to leave the Group. But he was not released, just as little did VW forced a separation, said the speaker.

The writing of historians now has prof. Hartmut Berghoff shipped by the Universitat Gottingen, representative of his colleagues. According to his information, more than 75 scientists from Germany and abroad have signed the explanation. Several historians confirmed the dpa, to the signatories at. A VW spokesman explained: "We are surprised via these theses. They are not occupied by nothing."Volkswagen recognize the services rendered by Grieger" unnecessary ". Volkswagen have worked up his history "consistently, honest and sustainable" and will do this as well.

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