Vw chef muller was worn blue plaque

Volkswagen Group Chef Matthias Muller can introduce the introduction of a blue plaque for clean diesel. "As a matter of principle, we did not absorb the introduction of a blue environmental badge," said Muller the news magazine Focus (Saturday, 10. Marz 2018). "If the government was involved, we carry that."

Too simply can not be done with the plaque for the control of driving bans but they can not be glued "not lump-sum only on Euro 6 vehicles," he stressed. There are Euro 5 vehicles, the low-emission-resistant driving as cars with the exhaust standard Euro 6.

A blue plaque for the labeling of cars, which were also allowed to drive in straws or zones with diesel driving bans, call, among other municipalities and environmental protectioners. The designated Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), however, leaned like his processes a blue plaque for relatively clean diesel cars.

The VW boss spoke against general driving bans. At the same time, he called for better cooperation between politics and industry: "Lastly, the distance between industry and politics has grown. From comprehensible reasons. But now it’s time to reduce this distance again, "he wrote in a guest contribution for the Focus. It does not go to "Cuupy or backroom deals".

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