Vw caraudious public with overview of alfa romeo

The speculation about an interest of Volkswagen (VW) at the Fiat subsidiary Alfa Romeo received new food after a press report. Alfa Romeo "could still underpin our growth strategy," said a high-ranking VW manager of the industry’s newspaper Automotive week (Monday). VW has set itself the goal of placing the world’s largest automobile manufacturer at the latest at the latest at the latest. After the supersence of Porsche and the introduction to Suzuki, the Wolfsburgs last with the Italian Designsmith Italdesign has stanned.

"Alfa is a globally recognized brand with sporty genes and coarse tradition," said the VW manager continues. "If such a treasure to have goods, we were not allowed too long zogs."A VW speaker did not want to comment on the speculation of the newspaper. Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne has given Fruheren press reports so far sales intentions for Alfa Romeo.

From industry experts, support is the idea: "I could imagine Alfa Romeo well as another and important part of the VW brand office," said AutoAlytyst Jurgen Pieper from the Bankhaus Metzler the leaf. If Vw is still lusty, then for medium pricing to slightly upscale sports models, the Alfa cover. August Joas also from the company counseling Oliver Wyman sees a "very meaningful assessment" for VW in the Italians. On the other hand, Analyst Arndt Ellinghorst asked from Credit Suisse to question whether Fiat Alfa sell wool.

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