Vw calls cars with 2.0-tdi engines back

Tens of thousands of motorists of a VW diesel must have a jerkiness in the workshops for a jerkiness. In Germany alone are 105.000 carts of the models EOS, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Scirocco, Tiguan and T5 affected, as Volkswagen posted on Monday on request. These are two-liter diesel engines (TDI) of the year 2009 to 2012. Worldwide, the jerk is valid for 300.000 cars.

Background for repair supplies are the injection lines. You can escape fuel under certain circumstances. The speaker stressed that in this context of motor bonds nothing is known. The jerk is an up-to-date precautionary. VW wanted to write all the affected customers and ask them into the workshops.

According to the information, the VW subsidiary Audi, Skoda and SEAT are also affected – but far lower than the core brand Volkswagen himself. So Skoda said that it was about 12.755 cars worldwide, 4067 of them in Germany. It goes to the models Octavia (years 2009 to 2011), Superb (2009 to 2011) and Yeti (2010). At SEAT, even 183 vehicles are affected worldwide, only 17 of them in Germany. It’s about the Altea and Leon – both with the production period Marz until September 2009. At Audi the A3 is affected. Worldwide it is about 12.000 cars, 2500 of them in Germany, said a speaker.

According to the VW speaker, the faulty batch of a supplier caused the problem. In the workshop, the line is burst, so that the danger is called. If the problem has already occurred, you can make the fuel smell noticeable. The repair is completed in about half an hour.

According to the Motorfahrt-Bundesamt KBA there was in 2010 in Germany 185 backrecks. Overall, there were 1.19 million cars. At the big single action had 412.696 cars in the workshops – almost four times as much as now at VW. "For volume manufacturers such as VW, this coarse is not surprising when it comes to a jerk-call," said a KBA speaker.

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