Vw california “europe “: favored special model

Vw california 'europe ': favored special model

Hannover, 19. August 2010 – to a special model "Europe" VW fans will certainly remember. That was already at the Golf 3 in 1993. Now VW for California offers an action package under this name that summarizes numerous extras. The new special model will be presented on the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf (28.August to 5.September 2010).

With navigation system

The basis is the exercisable California Comfortline. For its standard equipment, on request, further equipment packages can be optional, which according to the manufacturer should bring a price advantage of up to 3643 euros. The special model has a series-mabig over a rear carry, which allows the transport of four beads. There are also light metal wheels of the size 7.5×17 inches, a dark glazing in the passenger compartment along with gruner warm protection glazing in the cab, the radio RCD 310, insert rugs and a partial leather package with leather steering wheel. There are still two additional packages obvious. The package "Safety" Contains next to a lane change wizard, a value in the cake line and a rear parking aid a multifunction steering wheel, which a mobile phone can be operated. The necessary mobile phone preparation supplies the manufacturer immediately. The second package "Executive" First and foremost a leather alcantara equipment. In addition, the parking pilot is expanded around a jerky camera. The package also lates the navigation system RNS 510 as well as TV reception.

Entry costs 54.119 euros

Four diesel engines come in California "Europe" for use. The weakest does 84 hp, the most powerful 180 hp. The two strongest motorizations are coupled with a six-speed gearbox and can be ordered optionally with DSG or 4MOTION. All other engines comply with a five-speed transmission gearbox. The prices for the California "Europe" start at 54.119 euros.

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