Vw boss this calls energy transition from politics

Vw boss this calls energy transition from politics

Volkswagen boss Herbert This has assigned politics to coarse use for climate protection and again demanded a stronger demand of e-cars. "Electro cars only make sense if they are accompanied by a real energy transition," said the Frankfurter general newspaper (FAZ/ Ie of 2. May 2019). "Our energy mix in Germany leads to the fact that even an electric car has too high CO2 values during operation, because the electricity for the car partly also comes from coal-fired power plants."

This shortens that discussion about a consistent energy transition had had to start in Germany sooner. The exit from the nuclear power in Germany is irreversible, but fall on, "that the different camps of nuclear energy are different and more open today than years ago".

This had caused a stir in Marz with a strategy paper. It is called the previous tarpaulin for the sale claim as well as the expansion of the loading infrastructure for E cars were not enough. At the heart, it is about if any claims – as planned in the strategy paper – look for useful for battery vehicles. State grants for hybrids should therefore decline in favor of the battery cars. The demands had taken care of in the industry for a stir, critics complained that the proposals were too much mumpered on Volkswagen.

Now the VW boss again defended his demands. "Now we want to fulfill the environmental specifications that the policy uses us, and avoid penalties, there is no alternative to the electric car in the next year," he said the FAZ. The electric drive is short and medium term the most economically meaningful and more realistic solution.

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