Vw agreement: internal mail could relieve because

An internal mail was able to relieve Lower Saxony’s Minister Prosident Stephan Weil (SPD) in the debate to influence the Volkswagen Group on its government clarification. In the letter, because it should have given spokeswoman anke porksen in October 2015 government staff clear instructions on limits of voting with VW, like that Editorial Network Germany (RND) reported. In the mail from the State Chancellery, it is called, one would not be able to vote in advance political or other exercises with the Group in advance. "It’s all about concrete statements about the passes that are now the subject of legal proceedings," it is in writing. The should serve to prevent any false messages in the matter and claims for damages.

According to the report, this mail should have gone to all state-owned official employees with VW and relevance work as well as to the Ministry of Agriculture. A government clarification because the diesel affare was sent in October 2015 in advance to VW. According to Picture on Sunday the text had been spared in favor of the company. Because state chancellery points the strictly back.

The taught come to a for a very bad time. It’s a strange coincidence: Last week, Grune Elke Twest had decided to change from the greats to the CDU. This is the majority of SPD and green in the Lower Sachsian state parliament. Because now the state election wants to prefer – probably on the appointment of the general election. Regular goods in January 2018 in Lower Saxony has been chosen a new state parliament.

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