Volvo visions for a better future: the concept car recharge

Volvo visions for a better future: the concept car recharge

Koln, 7. September 2007 – Suitable for the general trend present the Swedish carmakers of Volvo on the IAA of 13. to 23. September 2007 in Frankfurt am Main The Concept Car Recharge. The design study is a plugin hybrid based on the C30.

Range of 100 kilometers

The drive concept ables the E-Flex drive of GM. Roughly difference are the four wheel hub motors of the Volvo. They provide for the electric drive of the all-wheeller. The energy for the electric motors comes from a lithium-polymer battery under the trunk floor. A battery charge should range from 100 kilometers. Thereafter, the rechargeable cable for three hours to the power grid or the 1.6-liter flexifuel internal combustion engine must be reconnected as a generator again. It is therefore a serial hybrid concept that is currently not tracked by the most car manufacturers, as they do not make it out of reasonable – interesting that Volvo comes to a different result.

The clou of the Flexifuel engine is that it can be operated both with pure gasoline and different similar fuels such as ethanol, bioethanol or methanol gasoline mixtures. From a charge level of less than 30 percent, the internal combustion engine automatically turns and operates as a generator. On request, however, the driver can also connect the gasoline engine manually.

Up to 80 percent cheaper

In the electrical operation, the modified C30 does not emit any exhaust gases and ride according to Volvo up to 80 percent cheaper than a convicted car. In the generator mode with internal combustion engine, the consumption should be between zero and fun and a half liters. Whether the serial hybrid drive is preserved, contrary to the current opinion, remains to be seen – as well as the question of how the increased unsprung masses affect the wheel hub motors.

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