Volvo v70 by heico sportiv

Volvo v70 by heico sportiv

Weiterstadt / Koln, 5. December 2007 – It all started in 1989 with a Volvo car dealership. This was about ten years later the company Heico Sportiv. From the 1. January 2008, the relationship of the Hessian tuner to Volvo achieves a new level: From this date, the cooperation begins with the Swedish automaker.

First joint appearance in Essen

At this time, the currently currently over 350 products of Heilo Sportiv over the German Volvo Contractual Terminal Network are distributed. Under the slogan "Heico Sportiv: Recommended by Volvo Car Germany" the customer is shown that the tuning products from Weiterstadt officially recommended by Volvo. Thus, the full range of services should be ensured by advice on sales and service to the complete warranty cover and handling of the contractual handlers. A taste of due cooperation is available through the first joint trade fair appearance of the two companies on the food engine show of 1. Until 9. December 2007.

Highlight in Essen: The Heico HS7

There can be admired, among other things, the Heico HS7. It is based on the new Volvo V70 T6 and has an electronically controlled four-wheel drive as well as a six-speed automatic with Manual Geartronic function. The serial three-liter series six cylinders with Turbo has after the performance increase of Heico Sportiv over 330 hp. Thus, the Swedish combination accelerates in 6.2 seconds to Tempo 100 and reaches a secluded highest speed of 250 km / h. Optically, the Heico HS7 is bordered by a changed front area with enlarged air vessels from the production vehicle. The combination of front grille and front thrust costs 1210 euros. At the stern, modifications were made in the form of a changed tailgate (620 euros) and a stainless steel exhaust system with four tailpipes (1280 euros). For a better driving behavior, Heico Sportiv developed a specially coordinated sports suspension.

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