Volvo v30: practical alternative to the c30

Volvo v30: practical alternative to the c30

Munchen, 11. November 2011 – Since its debut in 2006, the compact C30 has not developed into Volvo’s success model since 2006, as well as design bonds helped at the famous "Snow weekchensarg". The C30 is not exactly cheap, it onlyifies it as a three-estr, and the trunk falls off with 278 plenty of small. With the next V30, the brand now to Chinese Geely Group wants to set a car with more utility to the rader.

V30 with more space

The designation V30 is quite intention, because at first the current C30 and the new V30 were allowed to be offered in parallel. Already the now discontinued V30-Erlzonig shows clearly the differences: the new model gets funfish and becomes much more than the 4.25 meter measuring C30. That promises more space in the interior. 4.40 meters were allowed to be set, but also 4.50 meters of vehicle length are in the area of the possible. Since the V30 informs himself after the platform with the next S40 / V50 generation, a gross V30 could also replace the little sought-after S40.

Hybrid and E version expected

Technically, the V30 is based on the S60. So it will give assistance systems like automatic full braking up to 30 km / h. Funf cylinder was allowed to give it only with the top diesel with up to 215 hp, otherwise we expect four-cylinders – the downsizing wave does not stop even before Sweden. In the conversation is a new 1.6 liter gross turboenzinner with direct injection. There is currently 150 and 180 hp, an entry-level size with 120 hp is also conceivable. In the long term, hybrid and electrical versions are planned. The premiere of the Volvo V30 is expected at the Geneva Motor Show in the early 2012.

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