Volvo tests the new v60

Volvo tests the new v60

Hair, 22. February 2010 – Volvo is still successful to preserve an image that is somewhere between practical, safe and individualistic. Especially the applicable applies to the combination versions, which are therefore particularly obvious. In the future, the Swedes want to continue this tradition, including the new V60.

Security has priority

The V60 is how it was about the combination variant of the S60 sedan, which comes to the market in the summer of 2010. New relief images of the V60 show that Volvo remains true to the steep rear closure. Formally, the V60 rear part was allowed to orient himself to the smaller V50 and also get well-pulled vertical jerk lights. Volvo-typical value is placed on safety. So the Fubganger recognition with automatic full braking to the highlights. The system recognizes Fubganger, which enter the road in front of the car. The driver is warned acoustically and above a flashing light in the head-up display. If a reaction is missing, the system automatically initiates a full braking. Until a pace of 35 km / h, collisions are completely prevented according to Volvo, at least the violence of the impact occurs.

New motor

Auber known aggregates are jerking new gasoline direct injectors into the V60 program: the 2.0 GTDI (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) provides current engine technology in the form of direct injection, turbocharger and variable camshaft control. The four-cylinder makes 203 hp and offers a torque of 320 nm. In the nearer future, three more gasoline named T5, T4 and T3 are followed. The new T5 represents another two-liter GTDI variant with 240 hp. T4 and T3 are two versions of a 1.6-liter GTDI with 180 or 150 hp. All GTDI engines will optionally be relevant with the PowerShift double-clutch transmission. The motors come from Ford, the DKG of Gettung.

In addition, there will be a drive fuel saving version with the 109-hp 1.6-liter diesel with the Ford PSA cooperation – a variant that promises particularly low consumption values according to the experiences previous experience. In November 2010, the new Volvo V60 is launched.

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