Volvo: test with 1000 network cars

Volvo cars should be artistic with each other against threats like black ice. The Swedish car maker all wants to bring a test fleet from 1000 networked cars to the strain this year. They should exchange data with each other and also with agents. In the first stage, in addition to the black ice warning, anonymized information is also transmitted via the location of cars with the alert lights on. Other Volvo riders then receive a warning message when they meet this spot.

The information is not directly from car to auto, but over the cloud servers from Volvo. "We did not want to wait until there is an industry-wide solution," said Volvo-Technikchef Klas Bendrik German press agency On Tuesday at the Mobile Fair Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Father Konne talks about cooperations with other manufacturers. It is conceivable, among other things, a data exchange between the cloud services of different car manufacturers.

The networked Volvo test fleet is focused on the surroundings of Goteborg. The creates a high density for better information, said Bendrik. Volvo has a market share of 20 percent in Sweden. This order of magnitude is already considered a good density for a reliable informational image over strain ratios. At the expansion of the service, for example, on data on traffic jams or discontinuous work. Only low amounts of data have been transmitted so that the requirements for the mobile connection are low.

Volvo tries to tackle the digital auto-ARA. In 2017, 100 ordinary inhabitants of Goteborg should test self-propelled Volvo cars in everyday life. Last year, there was a pilot project with Deutsche Post, where packages could be stored with the help of a digital butleast from the messengers in the trunk of Volvo vehicles. The postal drivers were informed about the current location of the car.

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