Volvo safety concept car (scc): visions of 2001 are today series

Volvo safety concept car (scc): visions of 2001 are today series

Koln, 21. July 2011 – What a little after science fiction smelled a little before a decade ago, has now been launched in series production. The speech is from Volvo Safety Concept Car (SCC), which the Swedes in 2001 entilled on the Detroit Motor Show.

Preamer of the C30

The Volvo SCC was design study and technology carrier in one. On the one hand, the design of the compact car C30 is derived from the car. On the other hand, the SCC already showed praventive security elements that Father went into series. Many features are today found in the Volvo model range or in the offer of other premum manufacturers – unfortunately often only for a surcharge. Even the striking body color of the Concept Car managed it into series production: the orange of the SCC today is one of the orderable outdoor lacquers of the C30.

Assistance systems that went into series

– Emergency Brake Assistant, Fubganger Recognition and City Safety

– Head-Up Display

– Totwinkel assistant

– Marriage warning and tracking warning

– Spacer

– Flare brake lights with full braking

– Safety cameras on the boiler grill, on the windscreen, at the rear: You capture an area of 180 degrees and today are used in the compressor recognition, in the emergency brake assistant and when parking.

– Dynamic cornering light: The SCC had headlights that follow the course of the strain.

– Sensus Infotainment System: 2001 bolted the system human vehicle interface.

– Integrated and two-stage high adjustable child seats

– Energy absorbing front

– Castless access and start system

– Volvo On Call allows a connection to the vehicle via the mobile phone.

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