Volvo s80 d5: ride impressions in overworked limousine

Volvo s80 d5: ride impressions in overworked limousine

Monaco, 17. Marz 2009 – In the upper middle class has Volvo Grobe Limousine in this country Exotic status: Especially 863 copies of the S80 Volvo has sold last year 2008 in Germany. In view of over 149.000 newly approved vehicles is one almost vanishing small number, with a total of good 130.000 orders for Audi A6 / S6, BMW 5er and Mercedes E-Class dominate the products of local manufacturers in Germany in Germany. Nonetheless, we looked more closely at the freshly exercised Volvo S80 with the new top diesel – there are proper customers who make a bow to the premium dating from Bavaria or Swabia, although they were able to quite afford their purchase.

20 hp more for the top diesel

After three years of construction, the 4,85 meter sedan S80 received a facelift and with him two new turbodiesel aggregates. In addition to the modified 2.4 D, which brings it to 175 instead of 163 hp instead of 163 hp, is used as a strong self-cord of the newly developed D5. This also has 2.4 liters of displacement and funf cylinders, but it turns 205 hp and a maximum torque of 420 Newton meters. Compared to the process of the same name, the 20 equestrian and 20 Newton meters are more.

Why Funf Cylinder?

But why does Volvo continue to sit on funfzylinders? Immediately, Hans Goran Milding is shaking, with Volvo for the engine development, thus not out. Ultimately it should probably remain a characteristic of the brand. For five cylinders one thinks besides Audi – which stomp in the 1980s put on funfzylinders and after a long abstinence in the TT RS then bring again a funfzylinder gasoline engine – especially to Volvo. On the other hand, less on that Alfa Romeo, Ford and VW also has aggregates with this crooked cylinder number on offer.

Kerniger, Satter sound

The sound of the S80 D5 is soy and full, which is indeed on the upper middle class. We hear a nail only in the lower speed range. The manufacturer has promised a sound reminiscent of a six-cylinder – and thus does not keep injustice. Two differently gross turbochargers do their work in the D5, their sequential operation allows additional performance over a wide range of speed. This ensures a synonymous equal and only when starting a little though acceleration.

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