Volvo: new base diesel for s90 – v90

Volvo: new base diesel for s90 - v90

Quite as far as the process, Volvo does not go down this time. Its base diesel made between 109 and 120 hp depending on the year and was just a bit for people who held coarse performance reserves for unnotically. The new entry-level diesel in the Volvo V90 makes 150 hp. This allowed the rough cars to be significantly better for all tasks.

Minimal differences

The machine is already known from other Volvo models. The factory information differs minimum for the models with front and four-wheel drive. The boost prere is slightly high in the four-wheel drive model, the compression a little lower. The maximum power is only at 4250 / min, at the front drive already at 3750 / min. There are also differences in torque. The all-wheeller, which is only offered with an eight-speed automatic, offers 350 nm between 1500 and 2500 / min. Between 1250 and 3400 / min it is always at least 300 nm. With front drive, which it optionally with six-speed switching or automatic transmissions: 320 nm between 1750 and 3500 / min. The station wagon is in both variants, the limousine only with front drive.

The promised performance are close to each other: Volvo calls a highest speed of 205 km / h, the acceleration in the standard sprint is around ten seconds. With front drive is the consumption in the NEFZ at 4.4 (sedan), 4.5 (station wagon) and 4.9 liters (station wagon with four-wheeled).

Only a memory

In the exhaust aftertreatment, Volvo goes the cheaper of the current two ways to minimize the nitrogen oxides. Instead of a complex SCR cat with AdBlue injection, there is only one NOX-KAT. This allows you to easily comply with the limits on the check. Tests on the strain show but some cars that the real values are often high with this type of aftertreatment. BMW and Mercedes operate a higher effort in this class: both set a combination of NOX and SCR Cat. Thus, the values in the Rde were allowed to be a little less dirty.

Self-confident prices

The S90 D3 costs at least 41.500 euros, the station wagon is thus from 42.To have 950 euros. Further 2250 euros are fally for the recommended automatic. In the V90 D3 with four-wheel drive, this series mab is, which relativizes the high extra charge of 4750 euros against the station wagon with front drive and manual transmission a little. For comparison: A Mercedes E 200d with automatic costs as limousine 45.565 euros, as a station wagon 47.713 euros. Whether BMW makes an offer in this performance class, will show itself. After the rather adopting interest in the previous BMW 518d we do not expect it. The Audi A6 standing shortly before the drawing is with a 150 hp diesel with manual transmission as a station wagon from 43.350 euros offered. At him, the opportunities were currently at the highest opportunities.

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