Volkswagen: us supervisor thompson sets clear

Volkswagen: us supervisor thompson sets clear

The supervisor Larry D used by the US resists at Volkswagen. Thompson has detected two clarifications against the conditions in his first interim report. Volkswagen himself reported these, said Thompson on Monday (27. August 2018) in Wolfsburg. According to Hiltrud Werner, Volkswagen Executive Board and law, a list of FUF questions in connection with the quarry employee survey "accidentally" was not included in the manager manager. In addition, it was observed to inform the environmental workforce CARB in writing ten days before the start of emission tests for the model year 2017 in writing.

Thompson explained that it has been hired to tell how far the company had come to the implementation of his obligations. According to Werner, the program "Together4Inintegrity", which was decided in April 2018, will be rolled out to the other brands of the Volkswagen Group by 2020 on the other brands of the Volkswagen Group. By the year 2025, all subsidiaries and around 650.000 employees are achieved.

In the short break, Thompson had criticized lack of personal consequences after millions of fit with manipulated exhaust gas purification of diesel engines. However, Volkswagen meanwhile wanted to separate from employees who were involved in the exhaust affairs. According to the debt of the Group in the US, Thompson is to ensure that such criminal behavior is not repeated. His order is part of the billion comparison between Volkswagen and the US Department of Justice.

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