Volkswagen us star rank wants to unwind rapidly

The star lawyer Kenneth Feinberg wants to keep the threatening compensation claim against Volkswagen in the US because of the exhaust affairs possible and unwilling quickly. He see good opportunities for an agreement with customers outside a normal, lengthy judgment, the lawyer said today Handelsblatt: "If my program works as planned, then the process will be much faster, more efficient and cost-effective and eliminate the uncertainties."

In the United States, scandal had started directed test measured values of nitric oxide exhaust gases. Volkswagen prepares there a jerk of vehicles with manipulated engine software. The Group threatens complaints with claims in multi-digit million. In Germany, the jerk response starts at the end of January.

How much his program is costing Volkswagen, Feinberg could not say yet. Anyway, an upper limit had not been mentioned before, he said the newspaper. Customers who have led to his program had to explain their waiver of the statement of law in the US: "You can sue him (the Group) in court – or an attractive alternative elections and thus their right to sue the company."This alternative KONNE" Financial Statements "or the trade-in of affected cars.

Feinberg is considered an expert for rough reduction trap. Among other things, he had the regulations for the victims of the terror attacks of the 11. September 2001, for the affected of the Olkatastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico after an explosion worked on the BP platform "Deepwater Horizon" and the circumstances of a jerk at General Motors.

Volkswagen US Chef Michael Horn relies gross expectations in the lawyers. "His rough experience in dealing with such complex things will help us to progress forward and to judge things in the spirit of our customers," he had said in the past week.

In Germany, the investigation into the exhaust affare in the long time. It has to be worked up to a possible pace of the paper of up to ten years ago, the state-of-the-art Braunschweiger Attorney Klaus had the Suddeutsche Zeitung with a view to the criminal investigations for fraud superscripts.

Due to the false exhaust gas levels, even in Germany, expensive civil lawsuits remedied motorists and VW farms. Unlike in the US, however, there is no collection action in this country: every motorist who believes to have suffered damage must document, prove and then assert themselves.

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