Volkswagen-us boss horn: “a few programmers”

Volkswagen US boss Michael Horn announced yesterday with the survey by the US Congress that the decision to use software for compliance with the emission limits in prudding rating in a fraudulent manner, "did not fall on a lead". He said in the hearing under Eid, this had "some programmers done, why always."

How many engineers he said, he likes open. Once he said "three" another time he spoke of "a couple" and when they asked him to praise the number, he did not know the exact number. Experts from the field of auto industry and the deputies found the claim that such a small circle commit such a rough scam, but highly doubtful.

The 2016 models with the two-liter diesel use the same recognition software as the motors of the models of construction years 2009 to 2015, for the Volkswagen had initially admitted the problem. The diesel versions of Audi A3, VW Beetle, Golf, Golf Sports Car, Jetta and Passat (the American model designations differ from the European partially off) with these engines do not receive in the US for the time being, although it strikes the new engines not affected. Like the newspaper Los Angeles Times Reported, Volkswagen makes his handlers hope to bring the affected models to sell again. In the meantime, the handler should be supported financially. Some of them should have made up to 25 percent of their Volkswagen sales with diesel models.

Horn said Volkswagen is in spoken with the Environmental Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (Carb) over a solution. How to use this technically to be implemented on the cars that are already on the strain, Horn’s exercises did not stand out.

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