Volkswagen relies on self-clarifying controls

On the 10th. and 11 October took place in Baden-Baden like every two years the international congress "Electronics in the motor vehicle", on the developer from the field of automotive electronics exchange their ideas.

So important electronics in the car has become today, so hard are many electronic topics to be successful for outdoor ones. However, we all understand a sentence like this: "Volkswagen consistently accelerates the development of self-clarifying controls in the car."This said Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger, head of Volkswagen Electronics development, under the congress. And on: "More and more powerful electronics must not lead to the fact that motorists are surprised. On the contrary: Modern electronics must serve alone to optimize the safety and comfort when driving."

With these words, Dr. Tanneberger many out of the soul, because just in the last decade, as a motorist, one often had the feelings that many "features" when operating more than benefits. How practice-friendly controls should look like, from the point of view of VW, the new generation of Volkswagen shows radio and navigation systems with touchscreen control, which is already used in Touareg, Touran and Tiguan. The touchscreen allows for easy, intuitive and overall operation, and VW will offer these systems for this reasonable category.

Also voice control for telephone and navigation will prevail after convection of Tanneberger, but one thing in any case: "Optimum usability and fascinating controls do not stop. On the contrary: Only when Operation makes Spab, she is really intuitive ". You could also see it: If a car is blind and intuitive to use, the spab comes at the driving all of myself.

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