Volkswagen reduces number of vw handlers

The Volkswagen core brand VW car reduces your handheld network in Germany. At the same time, the trading partners in Europe should be re-established with a view of e-mobilitat and networking. The aim is to trade as a "elementary interface to the customers," said Brand sales board Jurgen Stackmann after a handler conference. While the handler network is closed in Germany, there will be "no significant reduction" in Europe. I did not call details. The affected handler associations are already informed.

Matti Porho, Prassident of the European Handler Association, said, handlers and manufacturers worked constructively: "They have the know-how of the automobiles, but we are selling the emotions. Nobody can live without the other."Also Stackmann stressed, the trading partners" are and remain a cornerstone of the Volkswagen business model ".

The contract with the Europe-wide approximately 3500 trading partners were licensed at the end of the first quarter of 2018, the new contract should apply after a two-year rational time from April 2020. At the conference in Hanover had been agreed to demand the speech about the new model by the end of June 2018. By Christmas, the contract should be signed.

With the new tolerated to be achieved that the handlers received a "clear perspective at VW", said Stackmann. "The changes are urgently needed to achieve petition."Digitization put the car dealer under prere, new competitors declined on the Internet and digital mobility services had to be explained to the customer.

The development also encompasses the electric car. The number of crosslinked vehicles will be "dramatically impaired": even for cars, there will be reasonably regular software updates – as with the smartphone. Volkswagen also hopes for e-commerce and its own online sales perspectives. "It’s not about building new dealerships, but create clever new opportunities for trading partners," Stackmann said. The trading networks of all brands have been in a permanent consolidation process for years. The car houses should also have direct contact with the manufacturer.

The handlers in turn had to work profitably. In fact, the results of the earnings of many car trade is little rosy: a European VW handler comes according to an average annual turnover of 27 million euros and sells about 620 new cars. The return on sales, ie the share of profit in sales, lies according to VW at one percent. The income came mainly from the spare parts sale and the workshop operation.

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