Volkswagen plans billions-heavy austerity package

With a brand speech, Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn worns his leasing force on billions-heavy savings effects for the central car core brand. The previous course from VW cars danger the return on the Group strategy with which Wolfsburgs want to become world market leaders by 2018. "Let’s be honest: In the productivity, we have changed significant recovery in the productivity," said Winterkorn on Monday evening in front of Volkswagen flee in Wolfsburg.

"We have to come financially on target price in the years 2014, 2015, 2016. Because without the appropriate financial basis becomes and must fail each strategy, "said Winterkorn. He estimated the gradual savings target for the year 2017 on five billion euros. A Volkswagen spokesman did not want to be on request on request. The statements can also be found in a circular for management, the news agency dpa Tuesday. According to Manager magazine, The 67-year-olds has explained the 2018 objectives to their own chief and will demand his contract for two years until 2018.

It goes to "Future backup for our brand and for the next generations at Volkswagen," said the boss of the large group in this country and defendant: "Today, the earning power of our brand is still too low."VW cars are set out in 2018 – without the separately recognized China business – before interest and taxes six percent of sales in sales. Last year, only 2.9 percent came together.

Winter grain further: "Therefore, it is now necessary to take mails that are clearly, effective and painful."So it applies, for example, to question which works were able to take over suppliers. Despite the unique, warning words, the winter grain speech is not an indication of a corporate crisis. The fun billion euros are a team task for the entire core brand. The team has time to 2017. The entire group uses 40 times as much as the savings target is roughly, the core brand itself after all 20 times so much.

Europe’s larger car manufacturer also wants to invest a good 84 billion euros from 2014 to 2018. Nevertheless, Winterkorn’s words are also a warning of too much convenience. For example, the construction of a model variant of the VW-Tiguan "is not economically feasible according to today’s discretion at a German location". Winter grain stressed the expensive lead at the automobiles. It applies to rotate on this set screw. "The technical development must – as today at innovation – also be with the development costs. These have been around almost 80 percent in the high since 2010. Here it is urgent to answer."

VW car is in some ways of the load soul of the whole group. The brand is spring-carrying in the implementation of the modular system MQB and must have a coarse part of this cost shoulders – but then the entire group should benefit then. Also, the revolving of new market is largely due to the core brand, with all costs and Muhen. At this role, nothing was allowed to change on the foreseeable future.

Corporate Council Bernd Osterloh welcomed Winterkorn’s Vorstob. It is correct to "Do not lose our yield goals out of the eye," wrote Osterloh in a contribution for the employee newspaper. But the powerful worker boss also pulled a clear line: "Inclines for collective bargaining services will not exist with us."The labor costs were on the level of competition.

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