Volkswagen: piech’s shares remain in the family

The equity package of the Fruheren Volkswagen boss Ferdinand Piech goes to the coarse part of his brother Hans Michel Piech. As the Frankfurt General Zeitung (Edition of 7. April 2017) reported, holding the 75-year-old and his family Kunftig 25.1 percent at the Volkswagen-Dachgesellschaft Porsche SE. He has a blocking minority in the influential holding, which stops the majority of voting rights to Volkswagen. The sale was on Monday (3. April 2017) been announced. It was unclear but who got from the family.

The descendants of company founder Ferdinand Porsche divide into two Strange: the Porsches and the Piechs. A balance between these family groups is considered important. Ferdinand (79) and Hans Michel Piech held so far 14.7 percent so far, so they lay above the 25 percent threshold for blocking minority. By receiving Hans Michel the coarse part of the package, the influence of the Pieche is preserved. The remaining shares from the package, which are not necessary for the blocking minoritat, go to the Porsche page.

Hans-Michel Piech said the FAZ, The Families Porsche and Piech had decided jointly to divorce the shares. Volkswagen Supervisory Board Wolfgang Porsche, Cousin of the Piech Brother, domed the newspaper, that the families "sometimes critically critically handled in more than". But: "In important questions, we have always made clear decisions. Together – that’s important."He has also been important that the owners and thus the power structure in the Porsche SE after the exit of Ferdinand Piech stay.

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