Volkswagen: new premieges from the epa

Volkswagen: new premieges from the epa

The scandal for exhaust gas manipulations on old diesel vehicles threatens to expand for the Volkswagen Group. While the US environmental cotton EPO accrued to the European industry prime on Monday evening, also used in diesel engines with three liters displacement a manipulation software, Volkswagen held on the spade evening, but have not installed a program, "in order to uplift the exhaust values in a unauthorized manner ".

This was initially statement against statement. But the premieges of the EPO weigh heavy and are detailed. The US Environmental Protection Agency had brought the scandal around directed exhaust values at Volkswagen in mid-September. The US authority rejected that diesel trolleys from the Volkswagen Group on a software recognize the situation on a check and switch into a kind of exhaust-generation mode to comply with strict emission specifications. So far, it was only about the smaller four-cylinder engines, which have up to two liters of displacement. The EPO revolution also achieved Europe, where the Volkswagen Group has to call up 8.5 million diesel vehicles from the next year.

The new premieges of the EPA now target six-cylinder diesel with three liters displacement. For the first time in the exhaust farms, in addition to Audi and VW cars are also about Porsche. It only develops gasoline themselves and reaches for diesel engines on the preliminary work of Audi and VW. As a rule, the diesel for the sports car builders are adapted, for example with a few additional equestrian. In the core, the self-curtain remain identical to brand converter. The new reproach against Porsche is a spicy, because Volkswagen Group Chef Matthias Muller was still up to a short chief of the sports car manufacturer. Muller had followed in the swirl of the scandal on the returned board leader Martin Winterkorn, who managed responsibility for the Affare.

The latest premieges of the EPO weigh heavy. "VW once again disregarded his obligations to hold on to the laws, which clean air for all Americans," said EPA representative Cynthia Giles loud notification. The accusation of the accusation describes the authorities as follows: "The software in these vehicles includes one or more additional instruments for exhaust gas control, which the Group has not disclosed, described, and founded the consolidated models."According to EPA, the software that the authority was first hidden, the exhaust test procedure from the US and switches into a mode that delimits nitrogen oxides (NOx). For NOx gases are particularly strict limits in the United States.

The automaker shared with: "Volkswagen AG emphasizes that no software has been installed at the three-liter V6 diesel aggregates to initiate the exhaust values inadigendously."The accusation of himself, who, according to Wolfsburg, also reached the information on Monday, the Group describes that it is about software," which was not sufficiently described in the approval process ". The company ared you will be "fully collaborate" with the EPA "to clarify everything".

Matter is complex. Not everything that makes the exhaust gases by engine control is equal to illegal software. For example, engines drove out exhaust gases in certain driving situations and burn them again. The EPA defines the key question: "An additional instrument for exhaust gas control developed to the uberlist of exhaust tests is a" defeat device "". And just that "Defeat Device", an instrument for the test situation, is illegal. In this country, the Federal Office Federal Office (KBA) speaks of an "inadvertent shutdown device within the meaning of legislation".

According to the EPOs, in certain diesel models of the marks VW, Audi and Porsche the model year of 2014 to 2016 were installed three-liter diesel engines, which abrupted in nitrogen oxide emissions the limit values allowed in the USA for the up to nine fold. Specifically, it’s about the models and vendor VW-Touareg (2014), Porsche Cayenne (2015), Audi A6 Quattro, Audi A7 Quattro, Audi A8 and A8 LangVersion as well as the Audi Q5 (all model year 2016). How many vehicles are affected in the US and worldwide is not known yet: The new EPA reused is approximately 10.000 diesel sold since the model year 2014 in the USA. In addition, a previously unknown number from the model year 2016 was affected.

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