Volkswagen manager should develop bonuses harder

Volkswagen manager should develop bonuses harder

Challenge the operating rate at Volkswagen, the managers during operation had to work out their bonus payments to work hard. Corporate Council Bernd Osterloh said today Braunschweiger Zeitung: "It does not fit in the picture: temporary workers are logged off by the board, and at the same time a board member with millions from the door". (Edition of 3.2.17)

Volkswagen announced last year to want to change the freezing system for managers. "The new system has to set much more demanding goals," asked Osterloh. The imports should therefore have to overwind higher Hurden to get their bonuses fully paid. Osterloh is also a member of the Volkswagen Supervisory Board, who studied the houses for top managers.

Support got Osterloh from the employee representatives of Volkswagen Brands Porsche and Audi. Porsche works council Uwe Huck said the German press agency: "An intergalactic board allocation can only exist with an intergalactic performance, otherwise the drabs do not understand."

Audi works council Peter Mosch Oberte: "As a worker representatives, we are now slow enough. All this harms the group and the workplace."Most recently, it had given criticity because Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt had a payment of more than 12 million euros after only a good year of work as a consolidated board for integrity and right.

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