Volkswagen manager charged due to infidelity

Volkswagen manager charged due to infidelity

In the case of all overhauled payment of operating rates, the prosecutor Braunschweig charged charges. Two early members of the Executive Board and a former and a currently conductive manager of Volkswagen are accused of infidelity, the authority told on Tuesday (12. November 2019) with.

Housed salary went?

The topic has been conducting the Group and the Lower Second Justice since 2016. The prosecutors examine whether employee representatives have been approved to high salhers. "The accused is accused of having responded as respective recruitment or head of the human resources for the Group brand Volkswagen between May 2011 and May 2016 to have maintained several works council members and bonuses," says the investigators. As a result, the Volkswagen Group had caused damage in the millions.

Against works council Bernd Osterloh, separate investigation is responsible for failure of the aid for infidelity. In his case, however, the investigations were separated from the main procedure against the four managers, it is not possible for a possible own advantage for Osterloh.

In response to the initial suspicion and suggestions of tax assets, Volkswagen had capped the salhers of leading workforce representatives at the end of 2017 for the time being. In the face of criminal law investigations, the Group’s point wanted to go safely and protect its management personnel from further risks. "We regret that members of our works council and representative of the company are exposed to this situation," said the former Board of Directors Matthias Muller and rifle to strive for a legal clarification.

Imprazise and reform requirements

Umbrella beige of high works council members are in many companies negotiation. Principles of the Company Circuit Law on the Steps of Statement are considered imprazise and reform requirements. For example, the question arises which salary corridors should apply exactly in the case of line tasks.

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