Volkswagen boss winter grain is for a limitation of one’s own salary

The top earner among the German managers, Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn, has pronounced for a limitation of his own salary. "With all the success of the Group, the increases can not go on the rushless," he said to the mirror in a previously published on Friday.

For the year 2011, Winterkorn got up to 17.5 million euros depending on the calculation. In the case of unchanged bonus rules, the boss of Europe’s large car maker could come to up to 20 million euros for the previous year. "If I really got 20 million, goods that people certainly no longer convey anymore," said winter grain. He is therefore correct that the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen the rules for the Management Board Degree from other: "I ame that I can get less for the year 2012 as far as 2011."The control panel Berat is currently still about the details of the reform. However, the complete set of rules is not yet. It should be finalized until the balance sheet template in Marz.

The million heavy tempers of top managers regularly provide excitement. Only on Tuesday the Government Commission for good corporate management ("Corporate Governance") had proposed a cap of the salary of the companies of Borsnotated companies. Winter grain had already responded to the criticism of the high of its amount in the spring of 2012. He Konnne "understand that some say that’s too much". However, he does not decide, but the Supervisory Board on the salary. Whose boss, Winterborn-Intimus and ex board officer Ferdinand Piech, had taken the manager in protection: The Volkswagen Boss bears enormous responsibility, and in the US busy fleet partly more than in Winterkorn’s case.

The Volkswagen Supervisory Board has been awarded a reform of the CEO for a long time. Above all, the inspectors consider how the criteria for the variable constituents – they usually converge the fixed basic salary by a multiple -. With just under 9.1 million cars, Volkswagen reported a new sales record for the business year 2012 in January. The development of the sale is in addition to the return as well as the satisfaction of the customers and employees a central stitchgrobe for the calculation of the bonuses at the Volkswagen tip.

At the end of 2012, Winterkorn had caught the ranking of the top earners in the German economy in an analysis of the consulting house ECGS. He took fourth place in Europe. Even ex-German bank boss Josef Ackermann landed significantly behind the Volkswagen boss with more than 9 million euros, which came in the list without taking into account a sub-payment for 2010 to 16.6 million rather than a total of 17.5 million euros. Even with the Volkswagen competitors Daimler and BMW, there have been frequent discussions about the payment of top management. In 2011, Norbert Reithofer deserved BMW 6.2 million as the board of directors, Dieter Zetsche at Daimler nearly 9 million euros. What you earn in 2012 is not fixed yet.

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