Volkswagen announces record profit for 2011

The worldwide autoboom and sales successes on important markets such as China have spooled a double-digit billion profit in the coarse European car maker Volkswagen 2011. The car manufacturer put the most important corner numbers of last year on Friday in Wolfsburg. The Group then doubles its profit to the record of 15.8 billion euros more than doubled. On the other hand, the prospects are not so positive: Only last week the Group had reported that the sells were slightly jerked.

Volkswagen operably earned € 11.3 billion with its now ten brands – after 7.1 billion euros in 2010. Despite the purchase of the majority of Man and the Porsche Holding in Salzburg Over the previous year, the Volkswagen Group still has 17 billion euros in the cash register. Thus he is perfectly rusted for the way to the world lit, who wants to achieve the Volkswagen-Fuhrung 3 at the latest 2018.

In 2011, Volkswagen with a sales of 8.3 million cars for the first time the 8 million border. That was almost 15 percent more deliveries than the year before. Sales increased the Wolfsburg by a good quarter to 159.3 billion. Especially on the currently large car market in the world, China, Volkswagen had retracted the best results month for month.

Details want the Volkswagen tip on the balance sheet press conference on 12. MARZ 2012. This also applies to the contribution of the individual brands, which – from the core brand VW Uber Audi to the Czech subsidiary SKODA – could record almost all average growth. The Supervisory Board wants itself next Monday (27. February) deal with the annual financial statements.

According to Communication from Friday, the Volkswagen Executive Board wants to pay the Commands a dividend of 3 euros per share. Last year it was 2.20 euros. The share price remained largely unnecessary until noon despite the success news. Workstand Bernd Osterloh, given the good results, demanded an increase in employee participation in the collective bargal 10 percent of the operational gain.

The good net result also contributed the revaluation of stock options after fusion failed with Porsche 2011. This resulted in a book gain that does not affect the actual financial position.

Volkswagen had canceled the planned merger with Porsche under the roof of the Group due to damages. Mutual purchase and sales options for the sports car company were revaluated. This leads to negative effects at Porsche and positive at Volkswagen. They were able to lie after analysts at six billion euros.

As it continues with Porsche and when the sports car maker can be fully integrated into the huge rich of Volkswagen is still unclear. An final clarification of the tarpaulin is still out, whereby in addition to the claims for damages, especially complicated tax ies are to be considered. Volkswagen has so far been to 49.9 percent in the sports car company and was able to take the rest of Porsche until previous information until the summer of 2014, without high tax payments were fally.

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