Volkswagen alltracked the gulf

Volkswagen alltracked the gulf

Wolfsburg / Paris, 24. September 2014 – "Alltrack" is Volkswagen’s lifestylic-chic badway package, which has been relevant for VW Passat since 2012. Exclusively in the Combi Version Variant, the car gets plastic planks, an increased ground freedom and for a surcharge also a four-wheel drive. With the Golf AllTrack, the manufacturer transfers this recipe now into the compact class, but with serial-maby four-wheel drive.

Because of the transversely built-in motor, the rear axle is powered only if necessary by slat coupling. Then up to 50 percent of the drive torque on the hind raders. Electronically controlled brake engagement takes over the function of transverse locks during drive slip on both axes to a certain extent. The additional function referred to as XDS, on the other hand, has little use of only the strain, it is intended to brake the curve inside wheel already with too heavy relief and thus improve the driving dynamics.

Safe downhill with GRANDE ABS

The two centimeters of high ground clearance is not further explained, but the so-called off-road driving profile but already. It offers a downhill function with automatic activation of the brakes, but also it makes the response to the accelerator pedal finefish and represents the ABS on the operation with increased slip. The latter should prevent ABS from quasi-deactivated, for example, if the raders block on sludge (ABS should prevent them from preventing a downhill shot from the Sare AllTrack. The access to two tons raised to the tonnes recommends the cart as a towing vehicle.

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