Viper-ssd: patriot uses less sdram cache as advertised

Viper-SSD: Patriot uses less SDRAM cache as advertised

Actually, Patriots PCI Express SSD Viper VPN100 with 2 TByte Capacitat 2 GB SDRAM sitting as intermediate buffer, on the 1-TByte version 1 GB. Who buys the SSDs, give motivately but only 512 Mbyte cache. Rough amounts of data are so potentially slower copied.

The difference fell on a reddit member showing a Viper VPN100 with 2 TByte. To see is a SDRAM block of the manufacturer Kingston with the label D2516ECMDXGJD – according to data sheet A DDR3L-1866 chip with a capacity of 4 GBit or 512 Mbytes. Patriot notes in their own specifications to today 2 GB cache.

Although the SSD should reach the specified transfer rates in the short term, thoroughly reducing the reduction. The SDRAM cache starts writing commands that are written offset on the NAND flash memory temporally. In this country, the 2-TByte execution of the Viper VPN100 is hardly available, the 1-TByte version, on the other hand,. A request for an opinion.

Industry Normality

Changing components on SSDs are a gear practice, especially with manufacturers without own storage production. Companies buy the building blocks, each of which are available at the targeted prices and normally fulfill their own minimum requirements. Different Nand Flash should reach approximately the speed and durability indicating the SSD manufacturer.

Changes are rarely falling, because at first glance not much goes. A negative example was absent, however, the manufacturer Adata, which has repeatedly installed inferior chips with poorer performance in the case of XPG SX8200 Pro. The Viper VPN100 is now focusing on, because not worse memory, but simply less exists.

Otherwise, it is currently on Crucial, as a reader communicated: On the PCIe SSD P2 normally sits NAND flash of the parent company Micron, which stores four bits per cell (Quadruple Level Cells, QLC). The manufacturer also delivers models with TLC blocks (Triple Level Cells), which are considered high value and are clearly better available in the meantime.

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