Vignette requirement for environmental zones in france

From 1. January 2017, in all French city, which has improved its traffic from environmental terms, a uniform environmental badge "Crit’Air" introduced a uniform environmental badge for the existing driving bans. For vehicles that are not approved in France, there is a transitional period.

The badge should be relevant from the beginning of 2017 for tourists who arrive with their own vehicle, but they must only be the vignette from 1. April 2017 attached to your vehicle. She is glued to the windshield of the car. The resistances provide plaqules in six categories that are directed after the year of first-rate and exhaust values.

On the 1. July 2016, Paris continues to spark his environmental zone in the city area within the city career ring (Boulevard peripherique). After trucks and buses, the driveway was also cranked by cars. For cars with first in front of the 1. January 1997 and Kraftrader with a first-rate in front of the 1. June 1999, from Monday to Friday a temporally limited driving ban of 8.00 clock to 20.00 o’clock in the evening. The city valley ring itself does not fall into the regulation area. Since September, a penalty of 35 euros will be charged for disregarding the regulation, from 1. January 2017 there are 68 euros.

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