Vcd: “auto industry is stealing from responsibility”

The Transport Club Germany (VCD) has criticized the auto industry because of the financial statements in the industry contribution for the diesel fund for better air in municipalities. "That’s pretty terrible," said the speaker of the Okologically oriented club, Gerd Lottsiepen, the German press agency.

The foreign producers also had to participate in the Fund. "On the other hand, the German manufacturers try to steal himself from responsibility," said Lottsiepen. The lack of amount for the fund is "laughing". Volkswagen has paid alone in the US for the growth of the consequences of exhaust gas fraud Uber $ 20 billion.

Foreign carmakers refuse to participate in the Fund for cleaner air in the city with a volume of a total of one billion euros. The industry should contribute a total of 250 million euros. However, there are commitments but only by Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW, so that still gives a chaff.

The manufacturers should participate depending on the diesel market share. So far, the contribution of the auto industry at the Fund will come together 160 to 170 million euros, such as dpa from negotiating circuits learned.

The Prasident of the Importhe Association Vdik, Reinhard Zirpel, had argued on Tuesday, the reduction of emissions is a task of the state and not the manufacturer. The Prasident of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Matthias Wissmann, had repeatedly prompted the importers to participate in the Fund: He does not see how the Lucke should be concluded at the Diesel Fund if you do not even win the importers for it.

The auto industry was also difficult under prere due to the exhaust scandal and partly high deviations between exhaust values in the laboratory and on the strain.

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